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Pakistan IRRI-6 Long Grain White Rice, 100% Broken

100% Broken Rice is used in beer making, rice flour and widely consumed in some West African Nations as staple food, in Far-East for making vermicelli/noodles and in Europe for beer production.



Moisture Content14.0% Max.
Average Grain LengthBelow 4.5 MM
Polishing GradeDouble Silky Polished.
Damaged, Shriveled & Yellow5.0% Max.
Broken Grains100% Broken
Chalky Grains20.0% Max.
Foreign Grains4.0% Max.
Foreign Matter2.0% Max.
Paddy GrainMax. 20 pieces per kilogram.
Under-milled & Red-striped4.0% Max.


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