HAS Rice is a Pakistan, family owned company, founded in 1969. However, the history of the family within the rice industry started before that, in the 60’s, with a small water mil by the river, with a traditional and rudimentary milling process.

    The Factory Today

    With a clear strategy of continuous improvement, HAS Rice has carried out several investments in its facilities during the past decades that currently put the company within the top leading European rice millers.

    From the Field to the Mill

    The process that ensures the finest rice quality begins at a very early stage, in the fields: HAS Rice has long-term partnerships with the main Pakistan rice farmers, allowing us to select the highest quality seeds for each variety, and to carry a continuous monitoring of the complete process, from the sowing to the harvest.

    Mission & Vision

    The mission remained the same since the beginning: to deliver the best quality rice available in the market to its consumers. The vision, to make the brand HAS Rice an internationally recognized symbol of quality.

    Production Capacity

    Currently HAS Rice mill has a capacity of processing 15 tons of rice per hour, 360 tons per day, and uses state of the art technology in the milling process.

    Storage Capacity

    The company storage capacity is 40.000 MT for paddy rice and 800 MT of milled rice. In 2015 HAS Rice built two new silos with a capacity of 4.000 MT each.


    HAS Rice offers a flexible and wide offer in terms of packaging possibilities. Our standard packaging sizes include 500gr, 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg and 25kg bags, and we are prepared to work with other packaging sizes upon client’s request.

    Apart from the wide range of brands owned by HAS Rice, we also produce and pack our rice under private label.


    For the 4th year in a row, HAS Rice has been awarded with BRC certification;The BRC certification: Global Standard for Food Safety, is achieved upon the verification of compliance with a very strict set of quality and food safety standards.

    HAS Rice is glad to announce that its IFS : International Features Standards certification has been renewed, for the 7th consecutive year.

    How it all began

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